chicken ravioli

chicken ravioli

grandmother june’s recipe


   3 tbsp olive oil                                          1 onion

                 3 cloves garlic                                          1/2 bell pepper

                         1 whole chicken                                      1 can tomato paste

                  1 can water                                               1 tbsp oregano

 1 tbsp parsley                                            5 eggs

        4 cup flour                                                 3 tsp salt

                           pinch of sweet basil                                1 cup ricotta cheese

mix together eggs, flour, and salt until it forms a tough dough.  let sit in refrigerator for an hour to let harden (ideal over night).  in a bowl, mix together ricotta cheese, parsley and a bit of salt and pepper.  also put in refrigerator to get cold.  cut whole chicken into big pieces (bone in) and brown in skillet with 2 tbsp of olive oil and set aside.  chop onions, bell pepper and garlic and brown in the bottom of a big pot with 1 tbsp olive oil.  once veggies are browned, add tomato paste and water.  bring to a boil and then add parsley and browned chicken.  bring to a simmer and let cook for an hour until chicken is cooked.  keep sauce on low heat and get out the dough from the refrigerator.


cut dough into 4ths and roll thin to about 1/4″.  use a biscuit cutter to cut rolled dough into big raviolis.  take a cut circle and scoop some of the ricotta mixture on top making sure you don’t scoop too much so it wont overflow when cooking.  take another cut circle, wet the edges and press on top of the circle with the mixture on top.  pinch the edges so they stick together to make a ravioli.  take a fork and press around the edges to make a design.

IMG_2173    IMG_2178

place raviolis on dish towel to dry out before cooking.

                       IMG_2179           IMG_2180

 start boiling water on stove to cook ravioli in.  once dried (about an hour) add raviolis to boiling water and cook until pasta is done (about 20 minutes).  once cooked, add to sauce with chicken in it and mix together.  serve plate with a few raviolis and and pieces of chicken from the sauce.


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  1. This looks lovely! Every time I try to make ravioli, they end up falling apart in the pot. I will try your technique and see if I improve! Thanks for the recipe.

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