eggs benedict

eggs benedict

mom’s recipe


4 eggs

4 slices canadian bacon

2 english muffins

1 packet knorr hollandaise sauce mix

1 cup 2% Milk

1/4 cup of unsalted butter

poach 4 eggs in an egg poacher.  if you do not have an egg poacher, boil water in small saucepan stirring to create a whirlpool.  drop egg in center and keep stirring whirlpool until egg is cooked, then lift out with a spoon.  cook one egg at a time this way.  too make hollandaise sauce, mix together knorr package, butter and milk over medium heat, stirring constantly, bring to simmer until sauce thickens, reduce heat to low. warm bacon and toast english muffins.  place a slice of bacon on each toasted muffin half and top with the poached egg.  cover with hollandaise sauce and enjoy!


  1. I thought I was the only one who used the whirlpool method. These look yummy. I have to admit I’ve never had Hollandaise sauce. Gonna have to try

  2. Liz

    Omg slices of Canadian bacon…how nice of you to use Canadian bacon. This looks great I’m just getting ready for breakfast!

  3. afracooking

    I havent had eggs benedict for ages – fabulous idea!

  4. Oh wow, congrats on conquering eggs benedict, these are tricky to make! I usually go through 6 eggs before I make the right one. :)

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